For EB-5 Regional Centers

Achieving EB-5 Regional Center Success and Compliance

How we have helped EB-5 Regional Centers

    • Preparing I-924 application for EB-5 Regional Center designation
    • Structuring the EB-5 Deal between EB-5 Project Developer, EB-5 Issuer, and EB-5 Regional Center
    • Reviewing and drafting securities offering for EB-5 compliance: Private Placement Memoranda and Agreements: Subscription, Loan, Escrow, Operating, etc.)
    • Reviewing and drafting EB-5 Economic Impact Report showing job creation
    • Negotiating and documenting the EB-5 Escrow Agreement with Escrow Agents
    • Representing EB-5 Regional Center in USCIS Compliance Review
    • Preparing disclosures for I-924A Annual Reports
    • Transferring EB-5 Regional Center ownership
    • Regional Center Project Sponsorship, representing
      • Regional Centers in Hawaii, Florida, and California.
      • Project Developers in California, Georgia, and Florida.
      • Issuers in New Jersey, California, and Hawaii.
    • Overcoming Notice of Intent to Terminate Regional Center designation.
    • Representing Regional Centers at EB-5 roadshows in US and China.

Case Studies – EB-5 Regional Centers

Case Study 1: USCIS Regional Center Compliance Review

J.H. is a principal of an EB-5 Regional Center (RC) that was undergoing USCIS Regional Center Compliance Review. We prepared document and data requests for the Escrow Agent, New Commercial Enterprises (NCEs), and Job Creating Enterprises (JCEs); liaised with these parties to obtain documents and data; reviewed and collated documents and data for EB-5 compliance;  communicated with USCIS Regional Center Compliance Review team on post-filing questions; represented RC during a 2 day in-person meeting with USCIS Regional Center Compliance Review team; followed up  until we received the official confirmation that no further action would be taken by the USCIS Regional Center Compliance Review team.

Case Study 2: Regional Center (RC) Seeking Project Affiliation

J.K. is a principal of an EB-5 Regional Center (RC) Seeking Project Affiliation with a combined New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) and Job Creating Enterprise (JCE). On behalf of the RC, we outlined possible deal points, negotiated contract terms and drafted the affiliation contract. Each year we assist the RC in gathering documents and data from the NCE/JCE for the I-924A Annual Report, each one has been accepted without EB-5 Request for Evidence (RFE).

Case Study 2: EB-5 Regional Center Designation

L.L. is an agent of a Developer. He came to us seeking EB-5 Regional Center designation. We discussed the pros and cons of RC designation as a developer and negotiated with L.L. to develop the RC project proposal. Managed various vendors as part of the process seeking RC designation: Business Analysts to prepare the Matter of Ho business plan, Market Research Analysts to prepare a Market study; Economists to prepare job creation study. Directed entire EB-5 Regional Center designation project leading to USCIS approval of the regional center designation.